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Best Yuma Apartments for Rent

Renting Apartments in Yuma

Overview of Yuma Apartments

Yuma, Arizona has a bunch of rental options for every budget and taste. Whether you’re after a swanky complex with all the bells and whistles or something more wallet-friendly, Yuma’s got you covered. Compared to other U.S. cities, Yuma’s rental market is pretty affordable. The city has neighborhoods that fit different lifestyles, making it easier to find a place that feels like home. Popular amenities in Yuma apartments include in-unit laundry, swimming pools, onsite management, outdoor spaces, garage parking, and furnished options (Zumper).

Average Rental Prices in Yuma

Knowing the cost of renting in Yuma helps you budget better. The median rental price for an apartment in Yuma is $1,650, with listings usually staying on the market for about 54 days (Realtor.com). But the average rent is generally lower, making Yuma a good pick for many renters.

As of May 2024, the average rent in Yuma, AZ is $917 per month, which is way lower than the national average of $1,517 per month. Here’s a breakdown of the average rental prices by apartment size:

Apartment Size Average Rent ($)
Studio 772
One-Bedroom 917
Two-Bedroom 1,145
Three-Bedroom 1,217

Rent prices have gone up by a modest 2% over the past year, which is about a $19 increase per month.

For those hunting for the cheapest neighborhoods, Downtown Yuma and Yuma & El Centro are the best bets based on current rent prices (Apartments.com).

To find more affordable living options, check out cheap apartments in Yuma and for those needing income-based assistance, low income apartments in Yuma might be the right choice. If you are looking for specific communities, Sonoran Apartments Yuma AZ and La Posada Apartments Yuma are worth considering.

Apartment Features in Yuma

When searching for the best Yuma apartments for rent, knowing what features and amenities are available can help you make a smart choice. Here are the key features to consider.

Amenities Offered

Yuma apartments come with a variety of amenities to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Common amenities include:

  • In-Unit Laundry: Many apartments have washers and dryers right in the unit, saving you trips to the laundromat.
  • Swimming Pools: A must-have in Yuma, swimming pools are great for cooling off in the Arizona heat.
  • Onsite Management: Professional onsite management means your needs are met quickly and efficiently.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Enjoy BBQ areas, picnic spots, and landscaped gardens.
  • Garage Parking: Secure parking options like garages and covered parking protect your vehicle from the elements.
  • Furnished Options: Some apartments come fully furnished, making it easier to move in and settle down quickly.

For a complete list of amenities offered in specific apartments, check out our detailed guides on Sonoran Apartments in Yuma and La Posada Apartments in Yuma.

Apartment Size Options

Yuma apartments come in various sizes to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some common apartment size options:

Apartment Size Average Monthly Rent
1-Bedroom $933
2-Bedroom $1,327
3-Bedroom Varies

Figures courtesy Zumper.

1-bedroom apartments are great for singles or couples looking for a compact living space. 2-bedroom apartments offer more room, making them suitable for small families or roommates. For larger living spaces, 3-bedroom apartments provide ample room for families or those needing extra space for home offices or hobbies.

Many communities, like The Palms Apartments, offer newly renovated 1 and 2-bedroom floor plans with features such as fully-equipped kitchens, dining areas, and open layouts. These options cater to various lifestyle needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

When exploring your options, consider checking out low-income apartments in Yuma if budget is a concern or cheap apartments in Yuma for more affordable living solutions.

By understanding the amenities and size options available, you can better navigate the rental market and find the ideal Yuma apartment to call home.

The Palms Apartments in Yuma

Apartment Features at The Palms

If you’re searching for yuma apartments for rent, The Palms Apartments in Yuma, AZ, offers a variety of attractive features designed to meet your needs. The Palms provides newly renovated 1 & 2 bedroom floor plans with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable living experience.

Key Features:

  • Fully-Equipped Kitchens: Each apartment comes with modern appliances, ample counter space, and cabinetry.
  • Dining Areas and Open Layouts: The open floor plans create a spacious environment perfect for dining and relaxation.
  • Resort-Style Amenities: Enjoy amenities such as a sparkling swimming pool, two on-site laundry facilities, and covered parking.
  • Professional Management: On-site management and emergency maintenance services are available to address your needs promptly.
Feature Details
Floor Plans 1 & 2 Bedroom
Kitchen Fully-Equipped
Amenities Swimming Pool, Laundry Facilities, Covered Parking
Management On-site, Emergency Maintenance

More details about these amenities can be found on The Palms Yuma.

Location and Convenience

Location is a big deal when choosing a place to live, and The Palms Apartments offers a prime spot in Yuma, AZ. Situated behind the “Big Curve” Shopping Center, you have easy access to a variety of shopping and dining options. This makes The Palms an ideal location for those seeking convenience and accessibility.

Nearby Points of Interest:

  • MCAS Yuma: Close to the Marine Corps Air Station, making it a great choice for military personnel.
  • VA Clinic: Convenient for veterans needing regular visits.
  • Yuma International Airport: Handy for frequent travelers.
Location Benefit Distance
Big Curve Shopping Center Walking Distance
MCAS Yuma Short Drive
VA Clinic Short Drive
Yuma International Airport Short Drive

For inquiries or to set up a tour, contact The Palms Apartments management at (928) 955-4063 or visit the address 225 W Catalina Dr, Yuma, AZ 85364. Their office hours are Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Sunday: Closed.

Explore more about Yuma’s rental trends in our article on cheap apartments Yuma or discover other luxury options like La Posada Apartments Yuma.

Rent Trends in Yuma

Understanding the rent trends in Yuma can help you make an informed decision when looking for an apartment. Here, we explore the ups and downs in rent prices and identify the most affordable neighborhoods.

Rent Price Fluctuations

Rent prices in Yuma, AZ, have shown some changes over the past year. As of May 2024, the average rent in Yuma is $917 per month, which is 40% lower than the national average of $1,517 per month (Apartments.com). Here is a breakdown of the average rent by apartment size:

Apartment Size Average Rent ($)
Studio 772
1-Bedroom 917
2-Bedroom 1,145
3-Bedroom 1,217

In the past year, rent in Yuma has increased by 2%, which translates to an average rise of $19 per month. This moderate increase indicates a relatively stable rental market, making it easier to plan your budget.

Most Affordable Neighborhoods

If you are looking for the most affordable areas to rent in Yuma, Downtown Yuma and the Yuma & El Centro region are excellent choices. These neighborhoods offer lower rent prices compared to other parts of the city.

Choosing an affordable neighborhood can significantly impact your overall living expenses. To live comfortably in Yuma with the average rent of $917, you would need to earn about $3,056 per month or $36,672 annually. This is based on the general guideline to spend no more than 30% of your monthly income on rent.

For more information on budget-friendly living options, check out our articles on cheap apartments in Yuma and low income apartments in Yuma.

Understanding these rent trends and neighborhood options can help you find the best Yuma apartments for rent that fit your budget and lifestyle needs.

Utilities-Included Apartments

When searching for Yuma apartments for rent, utilities-included rentals can be a convenient and cost-effective option.

Benefits of Utilities-Included Rentals

Choosing a utilities-included apartment in Yuma, AZ offers several advantages:

  • Simplified Budgeting: With utilities included in your rent, you get an all-inclusive plan that may cover water, electricity, internet, and trash in one monthly payment. This makes it easier to estimate your monthly expenses and save time.
  • Convenience: You won’t need to open separate accounts for utilities. The cost of utilities will be included in the monthly rent amount, reducing the hassle of managing multiple bills (Apartments.com).
  • Cost Efficiency: Property owners often negotiate better rates for utilities, which could lead to lower overall costs for tenants.

Cost Range for Utilities-Included Apartments

The cost of renting an apartment with utilities included in Yuma varies. According to Apartments.com, the average price range for these apartments is between $772 and $1,217.

Apartment Type Average Monthly Rent (Utilities Included)
Studio $772 – $900
1 Bedroom $800 – $1,000
2 Bedrooms $900 – $1,217

Currently, there are 57 apartments with utilities included available in Yuma, AZ. If you are looking for more budget-friendly options, consider exploring low-income apartments in Yuma or cheap apartments in Yuma. For more detailed options, you may also want to check out Sonoran Apartments in Yuma, AZ or La Posada Apartments in Yuma.

Best Neighborhoods in Yuma

When looking for the best Yuma apartments for rent, the neighborhood you choose plays a big role in your overall living experience. Here are some of the top neighborhoods in Yuma, AZ, each offering unique features and benefits.

Fortuna Hills, AZ

Fortuna Hills, located 16 miles east of downtown Yuma, is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the area. This neighborhood is ideal for families, offering large homes at affordable prices and access to excellent public schools.

Feature Details
Distance from Downtown Yuma 16 miles
Ideal for Families
Key Benefit Access to great public schools

Somerton, AZ

Somerton is a popular location for newcomers to Yuma. The housing options here are slightly higher in price but still affordable. Somerton offers a range of facilities, including walkways, green spaces, stores, and medical facilities, making it a good choice for commuters (Real Estate Yuma).

Feature Details
Popular with Newcomers
Key Amenities Walkways, green spaces, stores, medical facilities
Ideal for Commuters

San Luis, AZ

San Luis provides residents with various outdoor activities, nightlife, and good value for money. The neighborhood boasts low crime rates and high safety. Over half of the residents own their homes, with a median home price of $182,100, nearly $100,000 below the national average (Real Estate Yuma).

Feature Details
Ideal for Outdoor activities, nightlife
Median Home Price $182,100
Safety High

Wellton, AZ

Wellton is known for its small-town feel and tight-knit community. It offers a suburban yet rural atmosphere where mostly homeowners reside. Approximately 40% of residents are over 65 years old, making it a safe community to raise a family with public schools in close proximity.

Feature Details
Atmosphere Suburban, rural
Resident Demographics 40% over 65 years old
Ideal for Families, retirees

Each of these neighborhoods offers its own unique charm and amenities, making it easier for you to find the perfect rental in Yuma. For more information on affordable housing options, check out our articles on cheap apartments in Yuma and low income apartments in Yuma.

16th Street Housing Community

Apartment Features at 16th Street

The 16th Street Housing Community in Yuma, AZ offers a variety of features aimed at providing comfort and convenience for its residents. The units available in this community are two-bedroom, one-bath homes with 1,150 square feet of living space. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect:

Feature Description
Rent Range $1,050 – $1,593 per month
Unit Size Two-bedroom, one-bath, 1,150 sq. ft.
Amenities Central air, gas range, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washer and dryer hookups, covered parking
Community Features Pool, tot-lots, multi-function clubhouse

Residents can enjoy a range of modern amenities, including central air for climate control, a gas range for efficient cooking, and a garbage disposal for easy waste management. Each unit also comes with a dishwasher, washer and dryer hookups, and covered parking. The community offers additional perks such as a swimming pool, tot-lots for children, and a multi-function clubhouse for social and recreational activities.

For more options, you might want to explore Sonoran Apartments Yuma AZ or La Posada Apartments Yuma.

Location and Community Information

The 16th Street Housing Community is strategically located in Downtown Yuma, in the 85364 ZIP Code area. This prime location offers numerous benefits:

  • Proximity to Military Base: The community is open to active-duty military personnel and is situated just 7 miles from the station.
  • Healthcare Access: Yuma Regional Medical and Urgent Care Facilities are within a 5-mile radius.
  • Educational Facilities: Served by the Crane Elementary District attendance zone.
  • Shopping and Dining: Close to Yuma Palms Mall, which offers a variety of shopping centers and restaurants.
  • Outdoor Activities: Nearby attractions include the Butter Cup Sand Dunes, Lake Martinez, the Colorado River, and Wetlands Park.

The neighborhood itself is rich in history and culture, featuring art deco buildings dating back to the 1920s. Main Street is adorned with palm trees, fountains, and brick-paved walkways, making it an ideal spot for festivals and street fairs. Residents and visitors can also explore historical sites such as the Sanguinetti House Museum, Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park, and Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park.

For more information on affordable housing options, consider reading about low income apartments Yuma or cheap apartments Yuma.

With its combination of modern amenities, strategic location, and community features, the 16th Street Housing Community stands out as one of the best options for renters looking for an apartment in Yuma, Arizona.